Hello and welcome to my first MVS blog post!

In this blog you’ll learn about what a Virtual Assistant is, what I do, who I am, and how I started my business and more.

My plan for 2015 was to write a blog post every week. Well that didn’t happen, so I decided to make it a monthly post. Today is March 8th, so you’re reading my quarterly post.  Pretty sure I’ll add a special post or two.

It’s all good. Getting started no matter what the endeavor (blogging, exercising, etc.), seems to be the hardest part.  Some of us like to start fresh at the beginning of the year, month or week and the truth is that right now is the perfect time or it may never happen!

Eleven years ago I started my Virtual Assistant business, My Versatile Secretary (MVS).  At the time, I had 20+ years of office experience and have been building on that ever since.

A Virtual Assistant (VA) provides administrative, creative or technical support on a temporary basis and from a remote location. MVS provides assistance locally (in Massachusetts) and virtual assistance everywhere. Services include administrative, event planning and office organization.

A lot has changed since my first administrative job back in the ’80s, which was hospital administration in the Air Force. The basic tasks of office work haven’t changed much, but how, when and where sure has. The personal computer and the internet allow us to do things quicker, virtually anywhere front-back end image2(figuratively and literally) and with little or no assistance.

Many solopreneurs choose to handle every aspect of their entire business on their own. It makes sense financially do it yourself instead of paying someone. In regards to time and resources, not every business owner has that luxury.

The purpose of MVS is to provide assistance for businesses needing office support on a temporary basis whether it is project-based, weekly, monthly or otherwise. When starting a business we quickly learn there is a front end and back end.

By delegating the back end tasks you can focus on the increasing your revenue and growing your customer base.

Technology is ever-changing and I love finding and trying out new apps and software that will assist me in helping my clients on both PC and Macs.

So, even if you’ve been in business for years or just starting, contact us for a free 30-minute consultation. Just because you’ve always been doing everything yourself doesn’t mean you still have to!