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Reliable, Timely and Affordable!

Hand posting flyers isn’t hard to do.  It’s just time-consuming and sometimes a little frustrating trying to figure out which venues accept flyers, where to park, and when to drive or walk to the next venue.

For years we’ve been hand posting flyers throughout the Berkshires for clients and our own events. We have a growing database of 500+ venues who do and don’t accept flyers.

Detailed records, updated on each flyer run, notes preferences for each venue. Some accept only cultural or free events while others will post any type or size. Some venues maintain their bulletin boards and must approve and others allow you to post without prior approval.

This knowledge has helped to create a route that maximizes efficiency and minimizes time which allows us to offer an affordable fee! Contact today us to get your flyers posted in the Berkshires!

A Flat Fee = Huge Savings of time and money for YOU!
So no worries about

  • time away from the office while work piles up
  • volunteer or staff management and scheduling
  • mileage reimbursement
  • supply expenses
  • routes to plan

Hand Posting Service Policy

  • Flyer, Form and Fee must be received to initiate service
  • Client prints and provides appropriate quantity of materials
  • Accepted flyer types: events and business promotion
  • Flyer Sizes: 8.5 x 11 or smaller and Posters  >8.5 x 11 up to 11x17
  • Displaying Double-sided = Double fee (applies to flyers & posters
  • Postcards & mini flyers may be posted individually or in stacks
  • Flyers are hand posted in the Berkshires
  • Pricing is per unique set of flyers/posters
  • Posting starts on Fridays (form, flyers and fee must be received by Thursday)
  • Posting takes up to 3 weeks
  • Flyers that are not time-sensitive require 3+ weeks
  • Space is limited in summer & fall, posting may be in towns not listed
  • Inclement weather & holidays may delay posting. Please plan ahead
  • Postings are in venues matching your market and/or with best visibility
  • We can pick up flyers in a town listed or you may drop off in Pittsfield
  • Rush jobs may be considered (rush fee will apply)
  • The Flyer Service Form serves as an invoice for your records
  • A W9 is provided upon request
  • We accept: cash, checks (payable to MVS) credit and debit cards
  • Venue list is not included nor for sale


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