- Rates & Policies Available Upon Request -

Do you have work to delegate but not enough that warrants hiring a full or even part-time employee? No worries! You can have temporary office support on an hourly basis or retain 10 and 20-hour blocks of time. Because workloads fluctuate, we allow retained time to be used over a 30-day period.

Past clients have included sole proprietors to medium-sized businesses, and the need is the same - assistance to catch up on routine office work and projects. Just because you have employees does not mean they can handle one more thing on their plate!

Work is performed in your office (Massachusetts only), virtually in my office or a combination of both.


Administrative services are available so you can focus on the core aspects of your business. Give yourself permission to delegate and free up your precious time!

Contact Management
Contact info from collected business cards, mailing lists, etc. are taken and uploaded to your mail client such as Outlook, Gmail, and online marketing tools like Constant Contact and MailChimp.

PowerPoint/Keynote Presentations
We can create your presentations from scratch and old hard copies and embed images, charts, videos and music.

Custom Forms Creation
Forms are great. They remind us to get specific info from new clients, perform a series of tasks or take inventory. Pre-printed forms are convenient, but tend to have irrelevant fields forcing us to write things out. Custom forms are quicker, cleaner and more efficient!


Need help planning your next event? We can assist you with the entire event or certain tasks to lighten your workload. If you're a vendor at a trade show, home expo or craft fair give us a call, we'll assist you right on-site!


The best way to maintain an organized office is to have a place for everything and keep there. Easier said than done when you're always working and it really isn't a big deal to let it sit there...that is until you need something!

Examples of how MVS can help you get Organized

We take a roll-up-your-sleeves, hands-on approach to organizing.

  • Maintain/set up filing system
  • Index current and old files
  • Inventory and organize office supplies
  • Archive old files
  • Organize resource materials
  • Create a more conducive work space